All About You (Krissie)

17 Oct

Photo on 10-17-16 at 8.32 AM Look at how curly my hair is! That’s after washing it yesterday and then not brushing it (not yet today either). It used to be so straight! I’m assuming it’s the gray making the curls — it certainly has more body since the gray and white started mixing in.

We’ll avoid politics – watch John Oliver or Samantha Bee or Stephen Colbert to know my politics. We’re already under assault.

I’ve felt edgy and out of sorts for a number of reasons, and I realized I haven’t written anything new in months. I was ready to work on the final Rohan book just before the plays started, but once they did I had no time (I could have made time – I had the best writing experience of my life two years ago when I was very busy). I’ve been focussing on revising old books for e-publishing (5 of my best Harlequins are coming out soon). So I’m working out a schedule now, ready to grab life again. Which is only natural – I always feel like Autumn is the beginning of the year, the time of new possibilities and fresh beginnings. (Of course that coincided with the start of school, where, if I felt optimistic, I was soon stripped of hope – I really really had a wretched time at school). But for me it’s a time to buy new clothes (now I just get to pull clothes from storage – I have enough clothes to last me into the next century). It’s time to button up the house, pull out the quilts, wash the windows so the meager light in the winter can blast in. We’re looking forward to the holidays, I start drinking herb tea and pull out the autumn stuff (3 quilts I made, pillows, fake foliage – I know, gross, but they look great). I’m baking bread again, and I’ll make some soups and … can you tell this is my favorite season?

So my plan at this point is to wake up between eight and nine, have my coffee and oatmeal and seltzer, do email/computer stuff until ten. At ten I’ll go into my office and write new stuff until noon (and go past, of course, if the words are coming). In the afternoon I’ll start going swimming again three days, and that’s when I’ll do laundry and work on weeding through stuff (I’ve been making lots of progress) and all the various things we need to do on the house. I think writing again, creating again, will really help. I’m still gloriously free from depression, but I’ve been edgy instead. I need to claim my zen again, so I’ve started going back to Al-Anon (I have a great meeting not too far away). I can focus on myself more, and the world seems full of both possibilities and comfort (more tea!)

So that’s my plan for this week, this month, this winter. What’s on your agenda?

Happiness is Remembering

16 Oct

. . . that it’s Sunday and you need a Happiness post and going through all the happiness folders on your computer remembering that while there is Trump there is also Good Reason To Be Happy in the World. Like puppies. And Michelle Obama. And dogs.


Sexual Assault (Krissie)

11 Oct

Photo on 10-11-16 at 10.24 AM Obviously the news is full of stories and op-ed pieces about the way men assault, demean and belittle women. I tend to avoid politics here because they can be so divisive. Wise, intelligent people can believe the most amazing things, support really unconsionable people. I assume that anyone who’s going to read here doesn’t have a conservative bent, giving how wildly anarchistic Jenny and I happen to be (I shouldn’t speak for her, but needless to say we have no patience for bullshit). But that’s not what I’m writing about.
I’m writing about sexual assault. [...]

All About You (Krissie)

10 Oct

Photo on 10-10-16 at 9.46 AM #2 That’s what I look like after a shower. Fascinating weekend politically. Like a car crash you can’t look away from.

So I got most of my stuff done last week. Finished the stuff for Montlake, did the massive tax mess (Just gotta add mileage and I can send it off). Now I concentrate on NIGHT OF THE PHANTOM and start working on something new. Still feeling sort of overwhelmed – so many things to do, so many fires to put out. Probably because I’m waiting to see how Tim does at the therapist’s. I went to an Al-Anon meeting on the weekend, and I need to keep doing that. Just gotta remember, bird by bird.

What’s on your agenda?

Just Desserts

9 Oct


How did you notice the cherry on top of your life this week?

All About You (Krissie)

3 Oct

Photo on 10-3-16 at 8.37 AM OK, I’m back. I’ll put the deets of our visit with Tim on in a day or two. In the meantime, back to your regularly scheduled program.

I’ve got an absolute shitload of things to do. Everything had been on hold while we worked on things, so now I’ve got the taxes (end of delays on 2015), the digital form of page proofs and the finish on an e-book reboot (I lost all the work I did on it out west). Plus food shopping, laundry etc etc. As Richie would remind me, bird by bird (and if you haven’t read the book by Anne Lamott you must!). Basically it’s the way you eat an elephant – one bite at a time.

So I need to hit the ground running. No computer games (I’m currently addicted to Canasta). A week of nose to the grindstone and then I can reevaluate.

So …. what’s on your agenda? ¬†Crusie – what’re you doing?

Answer the Question . . .

2 Oct


At least, what was it for you this week?