All About You (Krissie)

18 Jul

Photo on 7-18-16 at 10.33 AM that’s an officially tired woman. The plays are really taking a toll on me, enough so that Richie worries, but the thing is, what’s the alternative? Sitting in my chair and never moving? Seems to me that the less I do the less I will do. At this point I’m just walking around and sitting down – if I can’t do that much then what the fuck ….

But I am tired. This is my only ay off for a while and I intend to just crash. Even though Sally wants to go to the movies and dinner tonight, I think I’ll just stay low. Problem with that is I can’t get comfortable. There’s no position where things don’t hurt. A lot.

Whine whine whine. enough of that. This week I will rehearse on Tuesday and Wednesday, perform Thursday through Sunday (?) and do a library benefit and fireside chat on Wednesday. The rest of time I will sleep.

What’s on your agenda?

All About You (Krissie)

11 Jul

Photo on 7-11-16 at 10.19 AM Hey, my face looks thinner, doesn’t it? I should have lumbered onto the scale (no, Krissie, don’t use negative words about yourself!) and seen how much I’ve lost. Last time it was 12 pounds — might be more. I’ve gotten to the point where the eating is almost automatic, but I’ve had people over (amazing in itself) and eaten a little more than I should.
Rehearsals are a blast, though there are two major pills. I’ll tell you more at a separate time. I’ve been reeling from what’s going on in the country (rehearsing To Kill a Mockingbird makes it particularly … I don’t know. Raw?) I need to write, but my grandchildren just left, and between them and the play and my kids seeming to implode I’ve barely thought about it.
So, this week. Get back to writing. Start doing my exercises again. Rehearse, of course. Eat well. Float in the pool and listen to audiobooks (it’s going to be in the 90s).

What’s on your agenda? Do you have a scorcher coming up, or milder weather?

Inside Happiness

10 Jul


What’s inside me right now is a PBJ and that makes me happy.

How did you get an inside view of happiness this week?

All About You (Krissie)

4 Jul

13557675_10208684777810513_1692661946707182999_n That’s me riding in style during our Fourth of July Parade (held on the 2nd of July). I’m surrounded by the kids from the theater camp – we sang songs from Sleeping Beauty (their production) all the way down Breezy Avenue and up Craftsbury Road (our main intersection). Clearly I am not troubled by vanity. And I’m actually having my cousins and their partners over for dinner tonight so we can watch “SHE LOVES ME” (it’s streaming for a week – I already saw the live stream). One of my favorite musicals, and since we all do musicals together, and since i’m the one with the Rokus, it’s up to me. So I’m cleaning (ohmygod) and Richie will grill mesquite rubbed chicken and make focaccia (which we call Chewbacca) and a big salad and then maybe shortcakes with blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream (or ice cream) for a red white and blue dessert.
This week – oh, god. You know, if the fates wanted me to be depressed they’d send me all the shit I have to deal with.
1. Son not working, depressed, overdrawing his account
2. Older child on medical leave for depression, us paying the college loans
3. Publisher loses interest
4. Mortgage stuff for refinancing such a horrible mess (their fault) that we’re leaving our bank of 39 years and we have to deal with it first thing tomorrow
5. Grandchildren being kept from me by evil other grandmother
6. Shrink on vacation
7. chronic pain
8. Waiting for both children to implode- they both seem emotionally disabled, with Tim’s situation even more complicated.

Anything more? Probably. And yet I soldier on instead of curling up into the fetal position. When I’m not depressed I can deal with anything. I come up with a plan, a list, deal with things one day at a time. I don’t freak out and weep (I never get mad so that’s not an option). I ache for my children. But I can’t fix them, and I refuse to offer up my well-being as an act of solidarity. The worst statement ever made by a mother was “I’m only as happy as my most unhappy child.” YeGods!

I rehearse almost every day (being in two shows is a time sink but in general I love it), the weather is gorgeous, ob la di ob la da life goes on. I’ll deal with items one through eight (on the pain from I’ve lost more than twelve pounds) and hope the stars align for better times.

What’s on your agenda this independence day? Hey, now I have a theme, after I’ve written the post. OK, let’s tie it all up.

I declare independence from tying my emotional health to my children.

What do you declare independence from?

This Post Will Make Krissie Happy

3 Jul


I’m assuming it’s good for the rest of you, too.

How did the Dachshunds of Perpetual Happiness smile on you this week?

All About You (Krissie)

27 Jun

Photo on 6-27-16 at 7.12 AM #2 I think I look like a maniac in that picture. One of my eyelids is droopier than the other, and it gives me a slightly cockeyed expression. I put it up because it amuses me – I have a relative lack of vanity.
I was gonna say I jumped on the scale but that would break it (my sister did that once in a rage). I glided onto the scale and was 237.7. Down 12.2 pounds, Pretty cool. Jenny will attest that I was a saint in NJ (at least in terms of food).
Rehearsals have started, and I’m alternating between racist and Indian chief (also racist) and singing high A’s (I think that’s as high as I can comfortably go though I may be able to screech out a B. High C is above me. Richie heard me practicing and said “that sure is high.” He’s used to my usual country-folk-rock voice, much lower.
And I get to see my grandchildren today, so I’m a happy camper. Richie isn’t – he has a colonoscopy tomorrow, but once that’s done it’s done.
So this week – rehearse, swim, see the grandchildren I hope (the other grandmother doesn’t want me to) and stay mellow. I told Richie yesterday that I hated that my kids were unhappy, but that I was (happy). And being unhappy for them won’t help them. They have to find their way to happiness on their own. It’s just that moms want to fix all the booboos, even at this age.
Off to an early-morning shrink appointment (she takes the summer off). So I’ve got a great week ahead of me.
Whats on your agenda?

What’s New, Cupcake?

26 Jun


How did you bake your cupcake of happiness this week? (PG answers only, please.)