All About You (Krissie)

27 Jun

Photo on 6-27-16 at 7.12 AM #2 I think I look like a maniac in that picture. One of my eyelids is droopier than the other, and it gives me a slightly cockeyed expression. I put it up because it amuses me – I have a relative lack of vanity.
I was gonna say I jumped on the scale but that would break it (my sister did that once in a rage). I glided onto the scale and was 237.7. Down 12.2 pounds, Pretty cool. Jenny will attest that I was a saint in NJ (at least in terms of food).
Rehearsals have started, and I’m alternating between racist and Indian chief (also racist) and singing high A’s (I think that’s as high as I can comfortably go though I may be able to screech out a B. High C is above me. Richie heard me practicing and said “that sure is high.” He’s used to my usual country-folk-rock voice, much lower.
And I get to see my grandchildren today, so I’m a happy camper. Richie isn’t – he has a colonoscopy tomorrow, but once that’s done it’s done.
So this week – rehearse, swim, see the grandchildren I hope (the other grandmother doesn’t want me to) and stay mellow. I told Richie yesterday that I hated that my kids were unhappy, but that I was (happy). And being unhappy for them won’t help them. They have to find their way to happiness on their own. It’s just that moms want to fix all the booboos, even at this age.
Off to an early-morning shrink appointment (she takes the summer off). So I’ve got a great week ahead of me.
Whats on your agenda?

What’s New, Cupcake?

26 Jun


How did you bake your cupcake of happiness this week? (PG answers only, please.)

All About You

20 Jun

Photo on 6-20-16 at 11.41 AM I’m back! Jenny and I had a wonderful time together, Milton spent most of the time in my lap, we watched movies and argued about Bernie and talked about flashbacks and I only ate healthy food (despite much temptation at the restaurants) as Jenny will attest. She made me
wonderful salads and I slept like a rock. My #$%%#@$%^! doctor will be pleased that I no longer take the clonazepam SHE told me to take to help me sleep. (I could curse more but it’s too much trouble). My tolerance for being jerked around in my old age has lessened considerably.
Rehearsals are starting, and I am a happy, happy camper! Weeeeha!
So that’s my week. I finished the second round of revisions down at Jenny’s so that’s done and I can concentrate on Brandon and Emma (historical) and getting a new contract. Richie’s filling the pool (blow up one but it make me happy), the day is gorgeous and all’s right with the world.

What’s on your agenda?

May Your Bluebird of Happiness Never Retire . . .

19 Jun


Tell us how happiness flew into your life this week.

Fun times (and oh my God) (Krissie)

17 Jun

I’m down with Crusie.  Well, politically and all, but I’m also physically down at Squalor on the Lake, surrounded by puppies and we’re having a lovely time.  The definition of true friendship is when you can come to someone’s house and just nap.  We’ve been going out for healthy food, staying up late and watching tv – we’ve been through two seasons of Galavant and I love it to pieces.  We don’t really do anything – we just talk.  About politics, writing, sex (TMI but we were both in our chairs trying to do Kegels to see if we could figure out how much we were squeezing in order to use it in a love scene).

The dogs are great – Milton has to sit with me and cuddle, and I play a lot of Canasta online (it’s my current obsession).  Just got my revisions back and my editor verified that I had, indeed, done a brilliant job.

But … I took my photo because I tend to throw them in.  I was going around thinking I don’t look my age and feeling relatively chipper, but my chair at Jenny’s (a funky old La-z-boy) is by the window, and the sunlight is … argh!  Remind me to always be in candlelight from now on.  Except that Richie is blinded by love and thinks I look like a cross between Ingrid Bergman in Notorious and Kathleen Turner in Romancing the Stone.  True love is really wonderful.

Photo on 6-17-16 at 5.16 PM
How could this have happened? Look at my lovely skin! I think I need to start using face cream, not just after I take a shower. I was worried about putting on make up to look ancient for the play — I don’t think I need to. If I do I just need to follow the lines and make them deeper.
And I’ve never smoked. I hate to think how craggy and wrinkly I’d be if I smoked.
Ah, well. I’m still delightful. I just think I’d better stock up on Regenerist.

And if you don’t think the photo is that hag-like, enlarge it.  OMG, the humanity!

All About You

13 Jun

Photo on 6-13-16 at 8.40 AM So no big cheesy grins today. Tough times in this country, tough times in this world.
Tomorrow I get to see Crusie!
Last week I finished the revisions, kept to my eating plan, dealt with myriad financial crap, listing to a fabulous book (Duke of Sin by Elizabeth Hoyt – fabulous book, fabulous narration)
This week I have to work on some financial crap, go to PT, pack, deal with the thousand natural ills that flesh is heir to. (Bonus points if you know where that’s from).
But mostly I’m going to relax and spend time with my BFF.

What’s on your agenda? I doubt anyone’s as lucky as me, but I hope good things lie ahead.

All About That Bliss . . .

12 Jun


How did you follow your bliss this week?