All About … (Krissie)

22 Aug

Photo on 8-22-16 at 9.42 AMWhat’s it like to have a disabled child? I should know – Tim had severe learning disabilities and then pretty bad drug abuse problems, so bad he had to go to alternative schools for troubled youth. Except now he’s an adult and he’s … mentally ill. Last weekend he was in jail after hearing voices telling him some men on the beach were abusing their kid. (They punched him out, he went to the emergency room, refused to leave, and that’s why he got busted). He’s still hearing voices.
I know people with grown schizophrenic children, children who are unable to live on their own, and the parents manage a productive, happy life. I know this isn’t the end of the world. But when I told Richie that things were escalating he went into a dark slump of despair. And he refuses to have Tim in the house even as a temporary measure while we’re finding him some kind of intensive care. We have to go out there, we have to figure things out, and right now I’m overwhelmed.
Clinical depression is a funny thing (moi). Right now I’m weepy, upset, anxious, worried. But I’m not depressed. Maybe I will be after the crisis is over, but I don’t think so. The kind of depression I have seems pretty clinical, and I get through awful times (like the year my sister died and Richie had a heart attack) without falling into a dark hole.
Anyway, I’m spending the morning looking up mental health resources in California and here (though I don’t think we can bring him home unless we have a place for him to go into). And I might be a little distracted for a while. I’ve been enjoying myself, doing the Great Fabric Beatdown, which I’ll talk about later, and our new bathroom is almost done. My grandchildren are coming up the first of the month for a few days. Richie’s sister and her daughter and two babies are coming up the first of the month. I think that goes out the window this year, but I can fly down and visit with the grandkids later in the fall.

so. Put on my big girl panties (now slightly smaller since I’ve lost close to 20 pounds) and deal. Any advice would be much appreciated.

But tell me what’s going on with you. If it’s tough times I can commiserate, if it’s good times I can rejoice with you. Sometimes life is just hard.

More Happiness

21 Aug

Do more of what makes you happy, which is my case is . . .


How did you do more happy this week?

All About You (and may you live in interesting times) Krissie

15 Aug

The plays are over. Yesterday was insane – I zipped to the library where Rosann, my mentor, was volunteering and she did my hair at the checkout desk (we have a small, friendly town), then zipped back home to grab some books (I give books out on the last day) and then back up to change and put on makeup, down to the theater (we dress in the town hall and the theater is on the town green), gave my final performance, died, sang spirituals off-stage, broke down when we sang Swing Low Sweet Chariot, finished and hugged everyone, ran home and took the world’s fastest show (my hair was disgusting with hair spray etc) then went up to the new theater to meet everyone for the tour, crippled myself trying to walk through the ginormous place (it is so amazing!), raced home, changed my clothes, had a salad and a little chicken, jumped in the car and drove to pick up my cousin’s husband, went to the final performance of Nicole’s play, a harrowing play about a woman about to be stoned to death), raced back home (with John), picked up more books, sat for five minutes, then went to Sabra (the magnificent artistic director) for the end of season party, where even then I couldn’t sit because I had to zip around giving people their books. Came home about 12:30 (fortunately Sabra lives a mile a away), fell into bed and slept the sleep of the dead. And I’m someone with huge pain issues and energy issues. Except in the summer I don’t have energy issues. I think the more I do the more my stamina increases, plus I get energy from the work and other people.
The day before, Richie woke me because we were getting collect calls from the Lake Tahoe county jail. From Tim. The day before, in cleaning, we found syringes in his room. When he was little I used to push him on the swing and sing “swing low, sweet Timmy Ohlrogge.” So singing it in the play was problematic.
I’m up and I’m shell-shocked. Richie’s making me a cup of coffee and we’ll figure out what to do next (they let Tim out of jail – he’d been arrested for refusing to leave the local hospital emergency room).

So how’s your week been? What’s on your agenda? (I’ll talk more about the theater season later).


Your Moment of Happiness

14 Aug


What were your moments of joy this week?

All About You (krissie)

8 Aug

Photo on 8-8-16 at 11.43 AM Had an early doctor’s appointment so I didn’t get this up til now. Life, I’m afraid, is going splendidly, which worries me because I’m afraid something bad will happen. Not terribly afraid – I feel too good right now, so I’m not going to worry about it. We’ve had an excellent theater season, even with its ups and downs (plus there’s a luscious, 6’4 Irish actor who’s excellent eye and ear candy). I’ve had a lot of floaty time in the pool, I have books I’m itching to write, Richie’s happy, the kids are doing … adequately … and all’s well with the world. At least for now.
This week I’m spending today with Sally, going over Asian fabrics and planning to make a gorgeous shirt out of them. Tomorrow we go to Lowe’s to choose flooring and towel racks for our new bathroom. Wednesday through Sunday I have performances in Mocking Bird and Annie, then a blow out party, and then I collapse.
I hate for the season to be over, but that’s the way it goes. I’ll be ready to get to work, to go see people (Crusie, Lani, Daniel, my cousin’s wedding, the west coast). I need to work on getting more focused on my work. More organized. I have lots of books I want to write, and these things don’t write themselves.
But the eating thing is working really well (down about 17 pounds with more to go and not a problem with temptations). I need to start going to the pool in the fall, but for now, for this week, I’ll finish up the theater season and have a splendid time.
But I tell you, if I were thirty years younger and sixty pounds lighter that there Irishman wouldn’t know what hit him .

What’s on your agenda? Having hot fantasies about anyone? Come on, some of you must have harmless bursts of lust for men other than our partners. Confess.

Belated Happiness

8 Aug

SORRY. I thought I had one set to go up. Thank you, Thea, for the head’s up!

Belated Happiness

How did you not miss out on happiness this week?

All About You (Krissie)

1 Aug

For some reason Photo Booth isn’t working on this computer.  Oh, well.  Trust me, I look lovely.

It’s raining, and I got my abysmal RITA scores for a book I adore. I do not understand the RITAs – I get awards for books I don’t care about and get trashed for what I think are my masterpieces.  I’m going through a crisis of who I really am, and I’m going to need a Goddess weekend with Lani and Jenny to figure it out.  Maybe in early autumn.

The plays are going really well and I’m having a wonderful time, despite dealing with some drama queens.  I keep losing weight (and I checked posts from back when we first started Refab and I never seemed to have actually hit the 220′s – my lowest was 230.1.  I was 234.7 last week so I think this time I’ll be well into the 220s by the end of summer!  It’s a bit over 15 pounds so far, but you know, it doesn’t feel like I’m not carrying three 5 lb. sacks of flour.  Everything still hurts.  Bt then, I didn’t expect a cure or even that it would help.  At least it doesn’t make it worse, and it will make surgery easier.

So this week I have another 5 performances, a crisis of confidence, and an attempt at clearing out the bedroom, all while staying cheerful.  Piece of cake.

What’s on your agenda?