Furry Friends Again (Krissie)

17 Jan

So here’s the roundup of the rest of our darlings.  I’m astonished at the difference the cats have made in our lives.  I think it’s because we always had animals – we never realized what it was like not to have one.  But two years ago Cello died (a rescue cat from my ex BIL), Pooska died (a darling mini-Maine coon cat) of extreme old age (19 – she’d just showed up in her garage one day when she was a baby).  We were left with Phantom, who was such a darling he filled our lives.  And then, as Tim’s illness exploded (indeed, on the very day something seemed to snap with him) Phantom was hit by a car.  It’s even possible he accidentally hit him – we’ll never know.  And life was so hideously awful that we were just holding on for dear life, like survivors in a Tsunami as the flood waters swirling around us and the wind shook the trees we were clinging to.

We went through two years like that, with the occasional respite of cuddling Crusie’s dogs, who are exceptionally snuggly.  And then things hit rock bottom, Richie was so depressed it was almost clinical, I was shell-shocked.  And the kitties arrived.  I said to Richie that suddenly things were better – that I was no longer pushing him to see a therapist.  He started to deny feeling better (because we’re still a little terrified about what might happen) when I said “it just sort of grounds us, having the animals.”  And that’s what it does.  Life is just not so bleak.  It’s a reminder that certain things are eternal when so much else is random.

But you guys with pets know that.  In a way it was a good thing not to have the pets for a while – I took them for granted as a part of life.  I’d never realized just how necessary they were. IMG_0542 copy IMG_0546 These are Jennifer’s kitties – they bought some chairs to assemble and of course the cats claimed them. I’m assuming the boxes were too flat for them to crawl into.



And we have image1 – Kelly’s babies. Sophie and Zep. Zep has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but he still feels part of her life.



And a guest visit from Neko, Barb Samuel’s 20 lb. horse-kitty. She was just so damned cute I had to add her. 10846104_763606667063258_1826272992756446438_n

All About You (Krissie)

16 Jan

Photo on 1-16-17 at 9.56 AM #2 Ah, me! (Which, incidentally, is what Juliet says at the beginning of the balcony scene). I’m full of quotes today. I looked at my image on Photo Booth and I looked soooooooooo old! But then the line from “Gigi” popped into my mind – “Am I getting old?” “Oh, no, not you!”
And now that song will be in my head all day.
I’m working on hauling out my office, but it’s a huge job. I need to figure out how to break it down-it gets too overwhelming. I keep grabbing boxes full of stuff and finding twenty differents places for things to go. I probably need to find ways to break it down, and yet, storing, tossing and giving away is a no brainer, but a lot of the stuff simply needs to go somewhere. Probably because my office is downstairs, I toss everything in there if I have to do a sudden cleaning (it’s always wrapping and present center during Christmas). I need to figure out how many receptacles I need and where to find ‘em. I have one for giveaways, one for “to-file”, one for memorabilia (my mother’s writing, etc), trash, of course, one for office supplies …
Okay, bird by bird. I managed to write three days last week – I’m hoping for five this week but four will do. Things are always pulling at me. I’ve decided I can’t start swimming again – it’s too expensive and takes too long (25 miles away). (However, I’m seeing more surgeon tomorrow since it’s been a year since my shoulder replacement and it might be a good idea for the shoulder, in which case I’ll figure it out). So it’s gonna be writing in the morning, working on the house in the afternoon and sewing when I get the chance.

My pal Mort (Maggie Shayne) has a system where she breaks her days into segments – I think they’re two-hour ones. She puts them in spiritual terms, but I’m just trying to be as simple as possible. If I could implement that it would be perfect – one segment for writing every day (always with the option for keeping going), one segment for the house, one segment for fun. I’ve got to put some thought into it – how much downtime in between, etc. I’ll work on this and let you know how it goes.

Tomorrow the rest of the pets! I found a cat video on Amazon (as in, video for cats, with squirrels and birds) and our babies when crazy. Thunderpaws kept looking behind the flat screen, trying to find the squirrel, Lulubelle sat on the rug, transfixed. It was a hoot!

What’s on your agenda? (And no, I’m not getting old, right? Older, sure. I like that. I just wish it could go both ways).

Delusions of Happiness

15 Jan


How were you deluded into happiness this week?

Furry Family #2

11 Jan

SONY DSC First off, we’ve got Sylvester, the Cat, who lives with Betty from Maine. We had a Sylvester and Tweety – two factory kittens Richie brought home (he’d also taken the mom to the vet to be neutered so she wouldn’t keep having kittens). Then my Sylvester walked through an oil pan that Richie had used to change the oil in the car, and then left oil paw prints on an antique bedspread (the cat, not Richie). Henceforth he was Oiler.
FullSizeRender copy Then we have Cindy, who clearly loves dogs. The first photo is Bill, a wild soul they found covered in ticks who likes to cuddle (sans ticks, I assume) and the granny dog Ruby, who just crossed the Rainbow Bridge at age 18 and is still deeply missed. FullSizeRender copy 2 Then there’s Penny, a wanderer who preferred Cindy’s family to her original one, and last but not least IMG_1582 copyhere’s Jack, a rescue from 2004. Cindy’s a Good Woman.

More tomorrow – gotta write. Oh, and Mini-me is snowed in at the ski area she works for in South Lake Tahoe with no power, waiting for the roads to be cleared. It’s been an adventure for her. She has no critters because her husband’s allergic, but when they lived in England (in Kent) a neighbor kitty would drop by quite often, one with black mark under his nose whom they called Hitler. He was a very friendly cat, though, and not out to annex any nations, so it was okay.

Furry Family

10 Jan

FullSizeRenderRichie and I spent the week going “awww” over all the photos that turned up in my inbox. We were talking last night, in bed, with the two kitties between us, about how much they’ve helped our lives since we got Tim’s diagnosis. Richie’s no longer as deeply depressed and hopeless, and I’m realizing that while I was broken and shattered and terrified I am not, in fact, depressed, miracle of miracles. Animals are a lifesaver.

So here goes. First up, we have Sorscha, a three year old who showed up as a kitten at Janis’s doorstep and claimed her. The funny thing is she’ll sleep on Janis’s bed but won’t let her pick her up or approach her. Cats can be like that – royalty, and you’re only allowed to approach on their terms.

IMG_2755Then we have Holly, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/poodle cross (I really should have a CKCS – I’m a Stuart after all, and a born sucker for spaniels of all kinds, but they have tricky hearts and can die really really young – I think the poodle blood is a good infusion.    She’s Jill’s grand-dog.

IMG_0559Next comes Elemauzer (great name – sounds like Eliot, though I’m not that familiar with Cats). She’s Diane’s velcro-kitty – you know, the kind that plants itself on your lap anytime you sit and follows you into the bathroom.

Well, rats, I just accidentally deleted stuff. Anyway, we’re going to break this down into several days. For today, the last bunch belong to Office Wench, clearly a woman who knows her priorities since she has four critters. First, there’s Pumpkin by the canning supplies (looks like my house though I use my mason jars for other things). The two dogs are rescue – Jasmine has only been in her forever home since 2015, and she loves to sit on Tall Boy’s lap (I love how big dogs think they’re lap dogs). Charlie, the German-shepherd-y dog is a lot older and appointed himself Jasmine’s protector when she came home.


And then there’s Toodles, stately and bossy, the queen of the roost, I’m guessing.


More in a couple of days (this is more time-consuming than I realized but so much fun).

All About You In a Hurry (Krissie)

9 Jan

Photo on 1-9-17 at 7.54 AM Crap! It’s minus 10.3 degrees out there and I have to drive 65 miles to see the new shrink. Brrrr.

Tomorrow is pet day — if anyone still hasn’t sent me photos of their pet, do so today, puleeze. When I come back from the big city I’ll fill you in on life, but while I’m gone, tell me what happened last week and what your plans are for this one.

Dance for Happiness!

8 Jan


How did you do the dance of joy this week?