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All About You (Krissie)

1 Jun

Photo on 6-1-15 at 9.45 AM Well, it’s been a week. Some splendid, some not so splendid, but then, life is like that. I really do prefer the splendid stuff.
My splendid stuff is that the glorious new book, CONSUMED BY FIRE, came out to excellent reviews and good numbers at Amazon (at least it seems to me that it’s doing better than anything else has). I love that book so much, and am so inured to disappointment that I have to be careful not to get too happy. Publishing is a bipolar business — you go from highs to lows in record time.
In fact, life itself is pretty bipolar (though despite rumors I am not, personally, bipolar. I suffer from bouts of depression, mostly with pretty good reason). But anyway, glorious things happen in life and then “bam” it’s disaster again. On Friday evening my son was doing well, working, feeling steady. By Saturday the job was gone and he was struggling, with no clear answers as to “what next?”
And I can’t fix it. Damn, why doesn’t someone just make me God? I’d take away free will and make everyone Stepford Wives, smiling all the time.
No, I wouldn’t. Bad things happen, but it’s hard to appreciate the good if you don’t have something to compare it to. I’d just like a little less comparison, thank you very much.

This week is up in the air. Pretty sure I’m going to get to see Mini-me down in New Hope, PA, and with luck Richie will come with me. I’ll probably do another pass on my book since I’m still not happy with it. We’ll need to help my son figure out his next step. I need to curl up in a fetal ball …
No, I’m fine. The book from Hell is almost done and it’s much better than I thought, and will be even better after another pass. The weather is lovely, I’m going to get to work on Brandon and Emma, the house is getting fixed up. Gotta remember Dame Julian.
“All will be well and all will be well and all manner of things shall be well.”

In the meantime, CONSUMED BY FIRE is available from Amazon and your life would be the poorer if you missed it. So would mine (heh heh).

So what’s on your agenda this week, aside from reading my new book?