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The Great Fabric Beat-Down Pt. 2 (Krissie)

2 Nov

So, this weekend I brought the three giant tubs of notions etc. into my bedroom and dumped everything on the bed. Actually, most of the stuff inside were trips – bias tape, piping, zippers, hooks and eyes, buttons, etc. I started organizing everything into 1 and 2 gallon zip-lock bags, throwing stuff out, and brought it down to one tub of sorted bags. Down in the basement I have all the more important notions, and I’ll drag those up eventually. In the meantime, I have a tall, skinny cheap bookcase in the hall, and I thought I’d bring that in to put between the window and the sewing station and store the notions etc. in shoebox size containers (I have tons) which will clean that up. It’s coming along!

After that it’ll be the Great Linens Beat-Down (I’ve got Tim’s room filled with laundry baskets of sheets, towels, etc., and I’ve already given tons away. Again, it’s a combination of my being a magpie and everyone else dying. I end up with some really nice sheets that I’ve been holding on to).

I always like doing this to some extent, but Fall is definitely a time when I nest anyway, so it’s very fitting. After the linens, I attack our bedroom, because our new bathroom is so gorgeous that it deserves to have a decent bedroom attached. But I’ll keep you up to date on that.

I need to be better about taking photos. Wednesday was going to be my craft day, but I think it’s my decluttering day, and each week I’ll weigh in on what I’ve accomplished. Crusie, I want an update on your efforts, and the rest of you, I want to hear what you’re doing. I think I’m able to channel my love of things into sorting and containing and basking in their usefulness.

Anyone else?