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All About You (Krissie)

12 Jun

But first, a word from our sponsors.

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Yeah, those look awful.  I need to work more with WordPress – like most people I just learn enough to make it work and then stop.  Anyway, the links are as follows:  Consumed (hot sex in Italy and an RV)  …  well, shit, I can’t make the links work.  Just go to Amazon.


And now, back to our scheduled program …

Hello, my darlings. It’s steaming hot! I live in Vermont for a number of reasons, and cooler weather is one of them, but every now and then we get a scorcher. Ugh.

So, I made progress last week. And then i got to play on the weekend – finished a regency dress for the AG doll and almost finished a dress for Ali the Fierce (my granddaughter). Back to work today, then pack, and tomorrow I head down to Crusie’s. She’s got another eye doctor appointment, and we’re going to see “Wonder Woman” and crochet and sew and talk and work. It’s going to be glorious.

I get to listen to the new Ilona Andrews book – the sequel to the one last summer, which I adored. OK, it would be nice if I had names. Lemme check. ah … BURN FOR ME was the first, and fabulous, and WHITE HOT is out now. Loved BURN FOR ME so much I’ve read it twice, and there are lots and lots of new books by great writers I could have read instead. So I’ll listen to WHITE HOT while I drive (after I finish up DIRTY by Kylie … Scott? Won the Audie for best romance and it’s good.)

So – writing books, reading books, sewing, coffee on the deck, great cats around me – life is good. Easy drives, visiting Crusie, Wonder Woman – life is even better. Gotta notice when things are going well. I have some nagging anxiety about Daniel and Tim (the kids) but it won’t do any good to be anxious, so I’m not thinking about it.

I’m just going to live my rich life and enjoy things.

How about you? Name three or four glorious things in your life that you can embrace. Hell, I suppose sewing isn’t that glorious but I love it, so for me it is.

And what’s on your agenda? I’ll try to take photos in NJ. Oh, and if anyone loves Richard Thompson (brilliant, wicked British musician) anywhere near as much as I do, Sirius XM is broadcasting a newly recorded concert today at noon on The Loft (my channel of choice).

But then, no one loves Richard Thompson as much as I do.

The Great Yarn Beat Down, or Life at Jenny’s

17 Apr

So I’m here in NJ where we’ve been having a Gathering of the Goddesses, including Lani and her two amazing daughters, Sweetness and Light. I hadn’t seen the girls for years, and I still thought of them as around 11 and 13, which was way off – they’re now 15 and just-turned 18 and they are admirably fierce. Sweetness got her nose pierced for her birthday, the fearless creature, and Light kicks butt (in a thoroughly charming way). Lani, of course, is the goddess she is, with a great streak of pinkish-purple in her hair. She’s got a fabulous job, a fabulously empty bed no longer filled with a faux-Scots wanker, and life is good.

I got here on Wednesday, drove Jenny to the eye doctor on Thursday and on Friday we played. Saturday Lani & Co. arrived and we went out to breakfast, where Jenny terrorized me. Of course, I’d been jabbering in Danish at her for two days so it’s no wonder she was looking a little glassy-eyed and and thinking wistfully about “Saw II: The Reckoning.”

We ate too much at breakfast, then Crusie crashed, Sweetness and Light crashed and Lani and I went shopping. (When the going gets tough the tough go shopping).

And we returned for the Great Yarn Beatdown, similar to this summer’s Great Fabric Beatdown.

First of all, Jenny’s got a stash that she’d never get through if she lives until 100, and the sheer amounts are crushing her. So she’s doing slash and burn – she’ll still need to go through things again, but right now she’s made a huge difference, and Lani went home with a bag of yarn, a half finished sock (her knitting is phenomenal) plus a new Crusie purse that I reluctantly passed over (happily Crusie showers me with treasures, so I was willing to give it up since I already have the Disney Villains on my usual purse.) So we came back from brunch at Kathy’s and Jenny attacked the pile.
It’s been a massive undertaking. The girls played outside with the dogs (Jenny’s house is basically a tiny house full of treasures and magic) while Lani knitted and I crocheted.

So I’ve got a dozen trash bags full of yarn (plus a car loaded with other goodies). Which means I can crochet madly while listening to audiobooks, which I need to do because I need many ways to wallow in story. I’ll be showing you my creations and the books that I read – hey, maybe I’ll even do that on Facebook.

Anyway, Lani and the girls left (sob) and we were all set to watch “Moana” when we had an epic brown-out and we both toddled off to bed. Today, more yarn, then (heehaw) clothes. Tomorrow I head back home.

Anyway, peaceful goddess time in NJ (we weren’t in the mood for wild right now) and we have to do it again. Maybe next time with tattoos.

So, with all this excitement I gotta ask – what’s on your agenda?

All About You (Krissie)

27 Mar

That’s me contemplating our political situation.

I overslept, but it felt good. Now I’m going to write a cracking good scene and then hopefully go swimming. Life is good.
I did get back to the pool last week, and it was glorious. I’d been feeling so constrained in my own body, and when I got in the water I could move again. I’m not sure why I’m having such pain issues everywhere – well, it’s probably fibromyalgia but I like to ignore that. I have a moderate case, fortunately without the brain fog, etc., but I’ve deal with pain since my ’40s. Nowadays the things that hurt have a reason for hurting (knees, shoulder)but sometimes things aren’t so bad. Not now.

But I digress. Yesterday was Richie’s birthday and I was finally able to say “Til lykke med fødselsdagen.” Sounds like “til looga mel foosulsdayen.” Made me very happy. We went out for gourmet pizza because an ice storm was coming and that was the closest place (I live in the country – the next closest was forty miles away). I told him that for his birthday I would generously deign to have sex with him and perform certain intimate favors. He laughed. Why do women in their sixties (and presumably seventies as well) still have powerful libidos while men get kinda tired? More proof that God’s a man. (grumble grumble).

I also got my embroidery attachment out to see if it still worked and it did. I had an epic fail at stenciling on the doll bed Richie made and I painted – guess I should a) read how to do it and b) practice on a piece of wood. Had to scrub it off and then repaint that section, but I’ll practice and see what I come up with. this is for the American Girl Kristen doll, which I’ll be giving my part Scandinavian granddaughter when she’s old enough. Unless she’s not into dolls at that point, in which case she’s mine, all mine (insane cackle). Gotta take some pictures – I need to remember to do a “I made it” Tuesday or whenever. And see if others can upload photos straight instead of having to go through me.

So – the week. Writing, swimming, PT, sewing, and then on the weekend we drive down to Boston to see the final performance of GAAR, the theater group that’s been so important to me. It’s a harrowing play about a woman about to be stoned to death in a middle-eastern country. We’ll stay with my wonderful cousin Emmie, then the next day go on to the Cape for the memorial service for his step-father. We’ve got someone to come in and play with the cats, so we’re good, though I know Richie will pine.

And shit. My left hand is tingling. Damn damn damn. I want to write today but I’m having problems with my fucking hands, pardon my Anglo-saxon. I’m about to put Emma and Brandon in bed for the first time. Pray for me.

What’s on your agenda?

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life …. (krissie)

13 Dec

Photo on 12-13-16 at 1.13 PM Argh! That’s my anthem and my life – not Jenny’s website, but every bit of aggravation and frustration that word means.
Thank you all for your posts of hope etc. It was wonderful to read them. And yes, I know he’ll never be “normal.” I just want some stability and hope. Crap.

Anyway, had a good weekend. We did a staged reading of Katharine Paterson’s (she of The Bridge to Terabitha and others fame) play “Good King Wenceslas” and I got to be the romantic lead! It’s a ensemble play, but I got to play a mousey little woman (whose name is Mouse) who finds true love and bravery. I did the first act in a baggy sweater and my hair in a bun, did the second half with makeup and long hair and a flashy red shawl around my neck. And I was good!

Interesting thing – up until this summer I thought I was an adequate actor. With the right role I could be very entertaining (the Mayor’s wife in Music Man) but generally I was not distractingly bad – I did the job. But I actually got good this summer in To Kill a Mockingbird, and I was good in this one too. Which is cool. Trust me, I have no false modesty – I do think I’m glorious in many areas, but I recognize my limitations. So actually beginning to get good at this is a treat.

It was also a good thing to keep my mind off worrying. We’re going into a NAMI meeting tonight and having dinner in the big city, so that will be nice. We’ve got Tim in a decent hotel for now, but he’ll have to leave on the 23rd and we’re not sure where he can go. Of course, that’s ten days away and who knows what will happen with him. He missed his appointment (the one he was supposed to do when he got out of the hospital) which comes as no surprise but it doesn’t bode well. He’s still not terribly with it, but that could be the new meds (assuming he’s taking them).

Ah, but I made the dress for … I keep renaming her. Now I’ll call her Leslie … anyway, I made her a charming dress and I’m going to do some more sewing. it makes me happy. My grandchildren aren’t coming for Christmas after all, which is okay. It simplifies things and it’s much better for them and their mom, so I’ll just do without them. But it makes Christmas simpler.

dolls That’s Kirsten in the St. Lucia outfit, Anna in the chair (with a tiny vintage Mr. Spock by her side) and Leslie is wearing the dress I just made. Now I just need to get back to my book, which I’m loving. It’s just so hard to get things done when you’re being pulled apart and worried.

So, today shrink and support meeting. Tomorrow make an apron for my SIL and bake pans of ziti for a thing our theater group is putting on for the school. Thursday I have lunch with a friend (Miranda Neville is her pen name) and go to the school dinner. Friday I curl up in a ball and scream …

No, it’ll be okay. I’m going to celebrate Christmas, damn it!


23 Feb

Sometimes your friends don’t tell you anything.  Mind you, I’m just as bad — I probably didn’t mention DRIVEN BY FIRE to Lani.  But every Tuesday Audible releases the big new audiobooks, and I saw Lani’s new Lucy March up there, and I went to grab a screen shot from Amazon and found it had been out since December 15th.  Which, trust me, is a shitty time for a book to come out because everyone’s too busy with Christmas stuff to look for books to read.

519XpXMNkbL._SX304_BO1,204,203,200_ But anyway, here it is, way too late, but if it’s anywhere near as good as the first two it’ll be a treat! If I remember correctly the hero is based on Benedict Cumberbatch (double yum) but then Lani, like Jenny, can go through a lot of variations before they end up with the book they’re happy with. Which is really much healthier than the way I do it – if the book isn’t going write I beat and pummel and whip the thing into shape, when I should be better off ditching it and starting anew. That’s what happened with Black Ice. I was 80 pages into a book that wasn’t working, it was driving me crazy, and I tossed it and started Black Ice and it was a revelation.

Speaking of which, I have to get back to pounding and pummeling. though the current MIP isn’t a disaster – it just needs shape.

Happy reading!

Make-It Monday

3 Aug

Welp, it’s almost six and Krissie hasn’t posted All About You, so she can do that tomorrow.

In it’s place, here’s a craft recommendation. I found a great stash-busting afghan pattern from Julie Yeager, the Modern Blanket of Flowers for $3.99. […]

It Must Be Bunnies . . .

11 Nov

Krissie and Toni will be back in Vermont and Louisiana by tonight, and I am back in bed with my laptop. Life is good, but it was wonderful this weekend. We got a lot done, and along the way there were bunnies. Bad pictures to follow. […]