All About You (Krissie)

7 Mar

It’s gonna be a tough week for Sister Krissie. Our lovely theater has been coopted and destroyed. No, I’m not being overly dramatic. Here’s the deal:
Ten or so years ago an actress and director bought a summer house in Greensboro. One of the first things she did was hold a meeting, inviting everyone, on ways to bring more of the arts to out town. Over the years she started with staged readings in a barn all the way up to our very professional productions in a tent on the town green, complete with a Tony-nominee actress for the musicals. (Jill came up on her Harley to see Hamlet – she can attest to how good the plays are). She kept looking for a patron to help us build a permanent theater.
Along comes a billionaire who wants to do something for the town. He buys us a new tent (we rented before) and pledges 15 million to build a new theater.
Joy abounds. Sabra and company hire an architect, begin the incredibly contentious and arduous process of getting zoning approval. The people who were against it were vicious, as they had been for Circus Smirkus and are for any proposed change, but eventually the zoning went through, all the appeals against it were shot down, and we broke ground.
And then our billionaire started getting twitchy. He suddenly renamed the theater and took it over, slowly but surely pushing Sabra out. He would only talk with her through lawyers (and you can imagine what that did to an arts organization who depended on donations to survive). The building, originally based on the Globe Theater, has about 27 offices in it. Sabra asked if they could have one – the Axis of Evil said yes, then no.
In our usual summer we start rehearsals mid to late June, open in the middle of July and go through the middle of August. The Evil Ones said they would give us a contract – 4 weeks, no rehearsal time in this huge facility, one day load in and one day out.
We tried to negotiate, but the more we did, the tighter their restrictions got. Now they’ve signed a contract with a theater group from 90 miles away, one who plans to take over Sabra’s mission – to get Shakespeare into the schools, to involve local people, etc.
And on top of that, he took the tent.
No My Fair Lady and Amadeus this summer. No staged readings (our step-down plan). We’ve been destroyed. I keep thinking of “Fire and Rain” – “sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground.” (Flying Machine was the name of James Taylor’s group before he went into treatment).
So I’ll have a free summer. A summer back to my usual isolation, just like my winters. My short-lived theatrical career is done – I have no intention of going anywhere near the new theater and the Axis of Evil, and I was just starting to get good.
I need to cool my anger. I need to grieve and let go. I just gotta put that creative energy back into writing, though I think the theater added richness to my writing. The more creative endeavors you involve yourself in, the more creativity you have.
So right now I’m grieving.
Tomorrow – revenge!

All About You (Krissie)

6 Mar

Godmorgen. Jeg her træt.
Which means I’m tired. Cats woke us up before seven, so I got up and watched the news while Richie was able to get back to sleep. I don’t get to watch the news when Richie’s awake – he can’t stand it. I can only take it in short spurts. There was the usual shitstorm, though apparently this time it’s even worse. I try not to panic about the state of the world. I try not to lose hope.

Ah, but I spent Saturday with my grandchildren, a sure cure for hopelessness. Alex is fabulous – his curly hair is down to his shoulders (he’s growing it to donate to Locks of Love or some cancer society that provides wigs for cancer patients).
And Ali is the fiercest, cutest child in the world. I’ll put up photos later.

So, this week I have to go to Town Meeting and kick butt, have to go to the big city to get my meds. I made a hoop skirt and worked on Kirsten’s flannel underwear for the dolls, but now I want to sew something bigger. Gonna work on that this week.
Plus Richie and I made a place for me to work upstairs, and that’s what I’m going to do. Just the usual. I may go down and see Crusie and Lani, but I may have gotten my dates mixed up. We’ll figure it out eventually.

So how’s by you? How the upcoming week – anything exciting? Are there signs of spring? (It was 3 degrees with a wind on Saturday).

Believe in Your Happiness

5 Mar

In support of Mama Abbie, this is Believe in Yourself Sunday:

We all believe you can, Mama Abbie.

All About You (Krissie)

27 Feb

Hello, my darlings! It’s a gorgeous day out there – a little cold but the sun is bright, the sky is a clear blue and there’s a fresh clean layer of snow. What’s not to like?
We spent the weekend working on the house, having a good time with each other.
So, this week. Tomorrow Richie and I go out on our Valentine’s Day/Anniversary/Christmas present – we’re going to the big city to see Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. We’ll go for an early bird dinner at one of the best restaurants in Burlington, we’ll come home to our kitties, Tim is stable, Daniel’s probably a bit iffy but he’s dealing with it on him own, which is a good thing (he’s 32 and a little past being rescued). We’re okay. (Country’s fucked but we’re okay. And we’re working on the country – one good thing that’s come out of this mess: we now appreciate the good stuff. And how about that sentence structure – a dash and a colon!)
Gonna get my ass to a demonstration to support immigration (up at the Canadian border). Your political mileage may vary, but know I want the best for people).
We spent the weekend cleaning up a part of the bedroom so I can write up there again (I have various places in the house I write, and sometimes I just need to move to a new place to get a fresh slant on a book). Oh, I’m just feeling good today (Dansk = glad, which is pronounced glell – go figure. Jeg er glad.) We have shrimp for dinner, I’m going to sew, the bedroom is getting cleaner, I’m taking my ancient iPod in to be fixed (found a place), it’s … it’s just a nice day. Not spectacular, just kind of nice. Nice is underrated.
Week – writing, sewing, cleaning, just like every other week. But I need to add in shoulder exercise, some cooking because i like to cook and Richie shouldn’t have to do all the cooking). Lots of things to do.
What’s on your agenda?

Joy Handles

26 Feb


How did you handle your happiness this week?

Alt om Du (Krissie – Anna Kristina)

20 Feb

Photo on 2-20-17 at 9.29 AM That’s me from the shower (Det er mig fra brusenbad). Practicing my Danish here. We’re getting warm weather and that shit load (don’t know the word for shit yet, or snow for that matter) of snow we got is rapidly melting. We’ll probably end up with only a foot or so on the ground.
Richie was evil, and he never is. For the first time in 44 years he didn’t get me flowers on Valentine’s Day. Now, we don’t tend to go crazy on V-day. Sometimes we’ll go out for dinner but our anniversary is two weeks later, so we usually combine, and we seldom get presents for each other. I might cook something extra nice. Anyway, with our limited resources and the way they jack the flower (blomst) prices up, I was gonna tell him not to bother with flowers. I’m usually really clear about expectations, reminding him of stuff if I think he’ll forget (he never does). Before I could say something he told me he was going out (which is rare – when Richie goes out I go with him) so I naturally thought, aw, he’s going to get me flowers. Should have told him not to at that point and cleared things up. So off I went to my appointment, got back, and waited for him. And he came in without flowers. Didn’t even mention them to say “I’m sorry I didn’t get you flowers this year.” And even though it wasn’t a conscious fuss on my part, I was moody that night.
Went out and got myself half-price flowers the next day, and he hasn’t even noticed. Probably too caught up with dealing with our finances, and of course I forgive him. I didn’t want to say anything, because he’ll feel so bad.
But now I’m thinking that maybe I need to, just to clear the air. In a non-accusatory fashion.
Whaddya all think? I don’t often go to anyone for marital advice – I have a marriage that’s a gift from god, but nothing’s perfect. Should I say something or get over it?
I started a new book, even though I’m halfway through a historical that I love. Something was getting in the way of my working every day, so I dragged out an old yet totally current (for me) idea and started writing. Came up with a 91 song play list, dashed off stuff effortlessly (right now the historical is like pulling teeth) and yet I feel guilty because everyone wants the historical and I’ve been promising it for years. Hmmm – what was it about “George R. R. Martin is not your bitch”? Gotta think about that for a bit. I like to make people happy. I’m not precisely a people-pleaser – at least I don’t think I am – but if I can do something that makes people happy it gives me pleasure – part of why I was such a good caregiver from my mother when she’d seldom been maternal. But something’s getting in the way of Brandon and Emma.
So I’m keeping on with Oops (terrible but fitting working title). Spent the weekend sewing (I’ll try to show pictures tomorrow) and the week is gonna be spent writing and sewing and cleaning (slowly, bit by bit). Playing with our kitties. Trying to figure life out.
What’s on your agenda? Should I talk to Richie, or should I …

A Little Dust of Joy

19 Feb


How did you sparkle with joy this week?