2 May

. . . and many more!!!!

All About You (Krissie)

1 May

So I’m going swimming first thing this morning. I only got there once last week – I’m hoping to make it at least two days this week. I’m not going to bitch about hurting – it’s boring. I’m just gonna do that I gotta do, and besides, I really like water walking. I plot while I do it, plus listen to audio books when I drive there and back. So even though it takes three hours it’s all good.
And I went to church for the third time in the last four Sundays. I’m really liking it – we have an interim minister who’s very low-key but good, and friends I’ve had for years. I’m UCC, which is basically as liberal as you can get and still believe in a trinity (and we’re even pretty loose on that) so in terms of faith it’s very good for me.
But I digress.
I’m starting to rip apart my book, which needs to be done before I can finish it, and I’m really into it. Plus I have more books to write, things to do. Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death.

Things this week: write, clean around my chair (things kind of build up like magazines and books, etc), clean the new bathroom, stencil some of the doll furniture (my first attempt was disastrous so I decided I ought to a) watch a youtube video and b) practice on scrap wood. Duh.) Maybe do a little sewing.

I wish I could finish cleaning. Obviously I finish a lot of things, including probably 100 books and novellas. I just don’t finish cleaning. When I do the kitchen I leave at least one pan. I never finish wiping down the counters. In the other rooms I clean one small area but shift all the crap to another corner. I’m not sure why, but I need to work on actually finishing the cleaning.

And I need to be cheerful about my birthday. I don’t know why I let numbers define me – they never did before. I know old people who are sixty, young people who are 80. A friend of mine turns 97 this week. And speaking of numbers, my number is¬†terrifically entertaining. so for this year I’ll embrace it. In fact, fuck it, why don’t I just keep embracing the numbers? I’ve spent my life, starting as a young child, defying everyone’s expectations (I was born a little adult). I need to just stop limiting myself by society’s expectations, and revel in that defiance.

Step one – tomorrow I’m 69, baby! Best age ever (evil leer).

So what’s on your agenda apart from celebrating the national holiday of my birthday? Well, Cinco de Mayo (is that right? Looks like the 5th of Mayonnaise). Tacos are one of my favorite foods, though I’ve never had a fish taco.

What’s on your menu this week? Mexican food? Birthday cake? Salad? What’s on your agenda? Plodding work, joyful creativity, sloth? There’s value in everything, even the plodding stuff, and lots of hygge in sloth (Jeg er halvdel dannesker).

Tell me!

What It Is

30 Apr

What was happiness in your life this week?

All About You (Krissie)

24 Apr

So I finally got my characters into bed (I have no idea why they were so reluctant when it was incredible) and I’m on a roll. I did some work on the weekend but otherwise had fun with the doll stuff, and now I’m back on track. I’ll go swimming today, and write, and anything else I have time for (I slept too late).
That’s how the week is going to go. We have another lovely day today and then clouds and rain (ugh) but mud season seems pretty well over – our driveway had dried out and Richie even went on the lake road yesterday. And I even went to church yesterday. Deadly boring sermon, but the rest was good, and it was good to see people. I need to get out more often.

So how are you guys doing? Does the spring fill you with energy and optimism? I think it’s fairly standard, except for those who are very old and depressed … nah, I won’t go into that. Let’s just stay upbeat.

Okay, tomorrow, I promise, I will post pictures of the doll clothes I’ve been making. I’m really very bad.

So what’s happening for you guys? I need to sort through all my new yarn and organize it and begin a new crochet project so I can listen to an audio book while I do it. I need to clean, I need to sew, I need to swim, but most of all I need write. It’s a good morning, and I’m bursting with energy.

What’s on your agenda? Anyone feeling radiant?

Happiness, Little By Little

23 Apr

How did you find happiness in the little things this week?

The Great Yarn Beat Down, or Life at Jenny’s

17 Apr

So I’m here in NJ where we’ve been having a Gathering of the Goddesses, including Lani and her two amazing daughters, Sweetness and Light. I hadn’t seen the girls for years, and I still thought of them as around 11 and 13, which was way off – they’re now 15 and just-turned 18 and they are admirably fierce. Sweetness got her nose pierced for her birthday, the fearless creature, and Light kicks butt (in a thoroughly charming way). Lani, of course, is the goddess she is, with a great streak of pinkish-purple in her hair. She’s got a fabulous job, a fabulously empty bed no longer filled with a faux-Scots wanker, and life is good.

I got here on Wednesday, drove Jenny to the eye doctor on Thursday and on Friday we played. Saturday Lani & Co. arrived and we went out to breakfast, where Jenny terrorized me. Of course, I’d been jabbering in Danish at her for two days so it’s no wonder she was looking a little glassy-eyed and and thinking wistfully about “Saw II: The Reckoning.”

We ate too much at breakfast, then Crusie crashed, Sweetness and Light crashed and Lani and I went shopping. (When the going gets tough the tough go shopping).

And we returned for the Great Yarn Beatdown, similar to this summer’s Great Fabric Beatdown.

First of all, Jenny’s got a stash that she’d never get through if she lives until 100, and the sheer amounts are crushing her. So she’s doing slash and burn – she’ll still need to go through things again, but right now she’s made a huge difference, and Lani went home with a bag of yarn, a half finished sock (her knitting is phenomenal) plus a new Crusie purse that I reluctantly passed over (happily Crusie showers me with treasures, so¬†I was willing to give it up since I already have the Disney Villains on my usual purse.) So we came back from brunch at Kathy’s and Jenny attacked the pile.
It’s been a massive undertaking. The girls played outside with the dogs (Jenny’s house is basically a tiny house full of treasures and magic) while Lani knitted and I crocheted.

So I’ve got a dozen trash bags full of yarn (plus a car loaded with other goodies). Which means I can crochet madly while listening to audiobooks, which I need to do because I need many ways to wallow in story. I’ll be showing you my creations and the books that I read – hey, maybe I’ll even do that on Facebook.

Anyway, Lani and the girls left (sob) and we were all set to watch “Moana” when we had an epic brown-out and we both toddled off to bed. Today, more yarn, then (heehaw) clothes. Tomorrow I head back home.

Anyway, peaceful goddess time in NJ (we weren’t in the mood for wild right now) and we have to do it again. Maybe next time with tattoos.

So, with all this excitement I gotta ask – what’s on your agenda?

Stay On the Path

16 Apr

How did you stay on the path of happiness this week?